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Call, text, or email for a free 15-minute consultation - (970) 458-5773

Thanks for taking care of yourself!


I specialize in neurotrauma (concussions, brain injuries), neurodegeneration & cognitive changes (dementia, post-COVID), self identity, and psychological trauma (PTSD).

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Acquired Brain Injuries

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Coping Skills

Relationship Issues


Sense of self

Emotional Disturbance

Sexual Abuse

Gender & Sexuality Spectrum

Traumatic Brain Injury

Therapeutic Approaches

I meet my clients with a humanistic and existential lens. My goal is to understand the way you think so we can open new doors together using the power of your own mind. 

I am a trauma-informed, allistic, neuro-diverse celebrating, brain injury informed, culture enhancing, and connection driven therapist. 

I focus on finding the gaps in our understanding, systems, abilities, deep knowledge, and wisdoms. Once we find the gap, building a bridge or filling in your needs is a deliberate team effort. 


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Individual Therapy

Individual therapeutic work to address mental health diagnoses and symptoms that disrupt your sense of self, relationships, and wellbeing. Working to embrace you as the full you.

Couples/Family Therapy

Interactions & relationships take place within multiple systems and are a system unto themselves. Family therapy builds on healthy dynamics, breaks unhealthy cycles, and supports each individual.


Eye Movement and Desensitization Reprocessing is designed to address trauma using bilateral stimulation (eye movement, sound, or tapping).  Unlock your mind.  

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